Bowling Competition

Is it going to be a boy or girl ?!?!? Here at the CAC we are very excited to announce that we are putting in an application for a dog to work here at the center with us!! What can this dog do? The Dog is placed with a handler as part of the forensic interview process when working with children who may have been mentally, physically, or sexually abused. The dogs are used as part of the forensic interview process to help gather information from the victim. If necessary, the dog will accompany the victim to court if testimony is needed.

As part of our excitement we need to decide who the dog’s handler will be. In order to determine this Anna Krause and Meg Krase will be going head to head in a bowling competition JUNE 5th at 4 pm at Kingston Lanes in Woodstock! All are welcome to come cheer us on!

In addition extra points will be given to the person who raises the most money for doggie extras such as food and everything else needed for this fantastic dog! In order to donate you can donate in person or via our paypal link (click the donate button on our Facebook page or click below!) and in the comments section write in the person who you would like to get credit (Anna or Meg).