Court House Facility Dog

We would like to give a warm welcome to our newest staff member, Apple.

Apple comes to us after a rigorous 2 years of training through Duo .

Per Duo’s website:

Duo’s uniquely-trained facility dogs do important community work that impacts people of all ages, all over the world. These amazing animals are placed with client organizations and provide support when it’s needed most.  They work within the legal system to comfort victims during forensic interviews or even stay nearby when they testify in court

Meg and Anna attended a 1 week training session in St. Louis where they were trained to work with Apple at the CAC; in Forensic Interview, Court Room, and Medical settings. We are very excited to see the work that Apple will do and the comfort she will bring to the children we work with.

We are very lucky to share that the Huntley Animal Care has sponsored Apple and will be covering all of her vet needs! Not only have they covered her vet needs but they were able to located a sponsorship for her heart-worm and flea prevention as well. Thank you Huntley Animal Care! Capture